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Satisfying that pesky travel bug soon? Don’t forget to take a minute to search PICFARI® before you go. PICFARI lets you preview locations you’re considering through vibrant geo-mapped pics and brief tips known as PICstories™ (Get It?!).

Using PICFARI isn’t rocket science. See that lovely grey bar at the top of the page asking you where you next adventure is? Type in that upcoming destination and let PICFARI blow your mind with the pictures and photo-tours that pop up. See a pic that catches your eye? Awesome! That picture is mapped out right on Google Maps, so you can make sure to find that same spot when you arrive at your vacation destination – YES! Think of PICFARI as your own personal tour guide.

Whether you make your own custom PICFARI, by grouping together only your favorite images, or you follow one that’s already made is up to you. We may all travel differently, but we still share the desire to see new places and get the most out of our vacations!

It's a big world out there travelers. Start exploring it today!

Choose from our menu of scouted PICFARIs to find the one that meets your needs based on the time you have, which sights you want to see, and the photos that appeal to your creative interests. There’s a scouted PICFARI for you, whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours to spend.

Check out our menu of tasty PICFARIs

The Hero (1 PICstop. About 5 minutes.) - Get that one winning shot. The Hero is often the highest rated pic from a destination, and is also featured in larger PICFARIs from the same area.
The Express (2-5 PICstops. About 20-30 minutes.) - Popular perspectives (including The Hero) that help you get awesome pics when your time is limited. Grab it, get your shots and share.
The All-Star (6-15 PICstops. About 1 hour.) - A comprehensive view of a subject (near/far, front/back, top/bottom, etc.) that gives you maximum creative choice within the time you have to spend.
The Quest (15+ PICstops. About 1/2 day+.) - Several different Express PICFARIs are combined to create a 2-3 hour photo journey. With The Quest you can shoot several subjects in a local area, and capture street scenes and other unique pics along the way.

Your finished PICFARI has all your PICstops dialed in, plus guidance and tips to help you make the most of your experience. Now you're ready to capture the shots.

User tip: Why PICstops rule!

Once upon a time, travelers had to lug around thick heavy travel books to guide them on their adventures. Each page offered great information, but the book itself kept cutting into precious souvenir storage.
PICFARI makes this a thing of the past. Think of a PICstop™ as a page in a travel book. It’s a location, how to get there and a blurb of helpful information about that spot – isn’t that nice? So enjoy the extra bag space and see why PICstops are the best way to travel!

Find your perfect PICFARI.

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