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A Journey into Photography and Travel Around the World

"Just one more shot kids, I promise!"

"Hold still for a minute — I just need to focus the photo again."

"Honey, move just a little to the right…no, wait, a bit to the left…
I want to get Big Ben in the background."

These time-worn travel refrains — the photo-related pleas heard on vacations 'round the world that cause frustration and delays — gave birth to a picture-perfect travel photography solution: PICFARI®, a new website ( and mobile app that appeals to anyone who loves to travel and take photos.

PICFARI is the collective brainchild of the South Carolina-based Herr family, Dad Scott, Mom Jackie, 17-year-old Madeleine and 15-year-old Adrienne — all of whom share a love of world travel and most of whom share a passion for photography. Admittedly, Scott is the most photo-driven traveler of the bunch, and the source of the refrains that begin this story and illustrated the need for a tool like PICFARI.

"We'd get impatient and a little frustrated waiting for Scott to compose the 'just-right' shots on vacation," says Jackie. "He missed a lot of special 'in-the-moment' experiences while he was focused on trying to locate and construct memorable photos."

Madeleine and Adrienne agree, and admit to becoming a bit bored and irritable waiting for dad to click the shutter in Indian marketplaces, on African cliff tops, and on busy Paris avenues. This dual passion for pairing travel with photography, melded with the quest for the most beautiful photos became the mother (and father, and daughter) of invention on the Herr's five-month family journey to Europe and the Far East in 2011.

"We were sitting in a restaurant in India one night, after a day of adventure that included me getting separated from Jackie and the kids because I was looking in the viewfinder," says Scott. "At almost the same time, we asked the question – "What if there were an app that gave you the information you needed to capture memorable travel photos so you wouldn't be distracted and miss out on the special moments on your trip?"

When the Herrs returned home to Corona del Mar, California — a coastal town about an hour south of Los Angeles, they continued to flesh out the concept that would become PICFARI around the dinner table, with everyone weighing in on the features and functions that the website and app would have.

Scott wanted accurate coordinates (with GPS coding) and camera settings for iconic photos in cities around the world. Jackie wished to pre-plan the day around the photos and construct a tour map so that they could get the pictures out of the way and really experience the destination more deeply. Madeleine, a budding photographer, wanted only the top three photo opportunities in any particular place. Adrienne thought it would be fun to explore places by browsing at collections of photos online, then picking the next family trip based on what looked the most interesting and fun.

And, though it doesn't happen often in families, all of the Herrs got their way when it came to PICFARI – which, in a compelling and easy-to-use way, allows travelers to plan trips by perusing beautiful images of more than 500 destinations worldwide, as well as to map short, medium and long photo tours of a city, and provides exact GPS coordinates and camera/lens settings.

The Herr family business doesn't end with the spring 2013 launch of the PICFARI website and app, however. Each member of the Herr crew will play a role in the site's evolution. Scott will continue to spearhead product innovation and development with the expert programming team. Jackie – leveraging her impressive career in marketing — will direct all marketing, media, and corporate partnerships. And Madeleine and Adrienne will curate special PICFARI photo tours of the destinations they know and love best, ensuring that the kid and teen markets are represented on the site and in the app.

And, of course, the Herrs will continue to travel the globe in search of the best photo opportunities (PICstops™) to share with their fellow "PICFARIANs™" in the PICFARI community. Next up – Germany and Prague!





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