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User tip: Understanding the power of the PICstop

A PICFARI™ does more than tell you how to get to your destination. A PICFARI contains pinpointed PICstops™ for every photo. PICstops rule because they show you the precise geographic location where the photo was taken – not just the location of the subject.

You'll love PICstops because they show you exactly where to stand and how to shoot your subject from a specific and unique perspective (near or far, in front or behind, from above or below, etc.) We can't wait to see the incredible photos you capture using the power of the PICstop!

User tip: Get insights from the "PICstory"

Look for rich details and insights from your fellow PICFARIANs™ in the "PICstory" and "comments" sections of each PICFARI. You'll find info on how the shot was captured, plus helpful hints… a shout out to the nearest café for that much-needed latte, or even an amazing tip to help you capture rare photo ops.

For example, at Stonehenge, visitors are only allowed to take photos
from the outer perimeter. But a Stonehenge PICFARI tells you how to apply ahead for a permit and gain inside access to these awe-inspiring landmarks. You can imagine the possibilities for unique
and memorable pics…

User tip: For best results, take two

If you're traveling with family or friends, try taking at least two of each shot in your PICFARI (one with people and one without). Your group will enjoy great memories from your trip. And the photographer in you will discover new perspectives through your "people-free" pics. In the end, you'll have some sensational shots to share.

User tip: How to place your PICstops precisely

When you’re uploading after you’ve returned from a trip, you might have a hard time remembering the exact locations where you took some of your pics. Here are a few suggestions to help you accurately record PICstops on the fly:

  • Check into and use the GPS capabilities on your Smart Phone
  • Download a free GPS app to your Smart Phone
  • If you have a Garmin, use it to record the GPS locations where you take your shots

At, accuracy is king! Thanks for helping our community thrive by precisely mapping your PICstops.

User tip: Hit us with your best shots! is the place to share your highly creative, high quality travel pics…it is no place for frivolous, bizarre, or just plain bad shots. Don't get us wrong — PICFARIANs aren't photo snobs, we're just passionate about pics that genuinely inspire. Think of it as the PICFARI "golden rule": Always share the types of pics you'd love to discover yourself. We can't wait for you to hit us with your best shots!

User tip: PICFARIs aren't just for "exotic" locales

At, you can give others a window into your world by creating a "personal" PICFARI. Shoot, upload and share unique pics of your hometown, your school, or favorite local places that resonate with you. It's a great way to express yourself and connect with others who share similar interests and ideals.

User tip: Explore your creative side ... close up!

We hope that helps you explore and capture iconic pics of landmarks the world over…but did you know that some of the most fascinating shots are often right in front of your lens or at your feet?

Try shooting the ornate and colorful doors of homes in a quaint European town, or the patterns of rivets on the Golden Gate Bridge. Explore the intricacies of stained glass in cathedrals and churches, or capture the textures and patterns of cobblestones on an ancient street. The creative possibilities for close-up PICFARIs are endless!

User tip: Keep the creativity flowing.

A PICFARI is more than a map – it's a creative tool to help you discover unique and inspiring photo ops wherever you go. Use the PICstops in your PICFARI to get to the photo-taking locations you’ve mapped…then get creative as you snap pics from different angles and try different camera settings and techniques. You'll be amazed at what you can capture…and at how much fun you'll have along the way!

User tip: Don't be a stranger!

Don't leave your amazing pics languishing on your camera or your computer. Come back to regularly to upload and share your shots (and your unique experience) with friends, family and other PICFARIANs.
We can't wait to see what you've captured!

User tip: How to get your PICFARI "featured"

We're always on the lookout for amazing new PICFARIs that have been shared by our community members. If you want to see your PICFARI "featured", start by sharing your very best shots. Then make sure you include vivid descriptions of your experience and helpful information on how you captured your pics. These details provide a unique "PICstory" to go with your photos…and it makes them all the more inspiring to other PICFARIANs. Good luck!

User tip: Don't forget the "date/time" check

We know you want everything about your photos to be amazing and accurate. So when you travel to destinations outside your time zone, don't forget to reset the date and time on your camera, smart phone, Garmin, and any other equipment before you start snapping pics.





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